in my heart

I feel alone

I wasn’t sad beforehand

Being alone before was glorious

You are disguised as a artist with, simply put, the soul of a beast. And I don’t know if I want that in my body with my heart

…where it would rather rest alone.

You should rest alone

"Liar. You liar. So addicted."

I’m Philip in this scenario.

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Four Months

Since my birthday to date… And we are still fighting.

We were broken up on my birthday wonder what you were up to.

did we break up


You already hate me.
I’m only a slut and terrible person. I am a bitch and we lie to each other and you ignore me. Go find some groupies.

Other men will exist
Other women will exist

And we will die
And you will have fucked me
End that’s all you wanted to begin with

So stop trying to bite off more than you can handle
You never loved me.

This should be us.

This should be us.

I am a slut

And I need to remember that.
I need to remember that’s all I am to you.